Suspender Belts


In the past suspender belts and stockings were a firm favourite and in fact a staple item in many a woman’s wardrobe.

These days however fashion has moved on.

So if you fancy some leg wear to complete your outfit the chances are it’s a pair of pantyhose or tights as we call them over here in England.

So why are stockings and suspenders still worn?

The fact is there are a lot of men and women for who find stockings and suspender belts exciting.

Partly it’s the fact there is the freedom of flesh above the thigh that you don’t get with tights.

Also only you know that you’re wearing stockings and suspenders unless you’ve told your partner already who might also be excited by the idea.

So that said, how do you even find the correct stockings or even a suspender belt and how do you wear such items some might ask?

But some will already know and be well aware of this beautiful attire.

A long time ago back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s suspender belts were practicality over style and comfort.

So quite often they were uncomfortable and stockings would fall down but today it doesn’t have to be like that.

There are some what I would call cheap bedroom suspenders, little wispy bits of elastic with thin straps and plastic clips that will quickly break.

But today you can buy suspender belts, or garter belts if you’re in USA or some other parts of the world that are well made, stylish and comfortable.

They have comfort waist bands, a fine waistband adjustment for a great fit and metal clips that last and don’t let go of your stockings until you want then too.

Hooray then you can now be comfortable and sexy too.

But how do you put on a suspender belt if you’ve never tried before?

Here I will explain all you need to know in just a few lines…

How to wear a suspender belt

First find your exact waist measurement.

Use a tape measure if you can, or pop into a shop and ask them to measure your waist.

Now you know what size suspender belt to buy but do make sure it does have the adjustable waist band for a good fit.

Next how many straps?

Most have 4 straps but 6 or even 8 is better 4 per leg and 10, 12 and 14 straps are also available if you so desire but a 6 or 8 straps are a good start.

suspender belts

There are many styles of suspender belt, plain, lace, frilly and so on.

But start with something that takes your eye that you feel looks nice but it needs to be comfortable.

Here we go then with our first choice of suspender belt.

With the back fasteners to your front wrap the suspender belt around your waist and do up the hook and eye at the front.

Then turn the belt around until the fastening is in the middle of your back.

Now pull it down until the waist band is just below your navel and it’s in the correct place.

Make sure it’s secure but comfortable and adjust the suspender belt if necessary using the 3 position hook and eye

Now you’re ready for your stockings.

These should be bought to your correct size.

But please just check you don’t have any sharp nails or rough skin on your hands that could snag them.

If possible wear hosiery gloves which will prolong the life of all your hosiery.

Now work your fingers into each stocking carefully until you reach the toe.

Gently ease it gently over your toe and foot pulling gently and slowly up your leg.

Then letting it stretch until there are no creases and it is smooth to the touch.

Seamed stockings.

If it has seams now is the time to check them in a mirror and adjust them straight if needs be.

suspender belts

The top of the stocking should be mid to ¾ up the thigh.

Then adjust each strap with the adjuster (buckle) so that the clip (the bit on the end with the button) is able to grip the stocking top.

The correct position can be seen in the image.

Undo each button from it’s frame

Then gently push the stocking top through frame with button and slide the button back into place which will lock it on.

If unsure study a clip with a button unclipped and another one clipped close and imagine you need to get the stocking top in between.

It will all become clear and you will soon be doing up and undoing your stockings like an expert before the nights out.

On the subject of stockings OMG have you seen the range available?

There are seamed stockings, non seamed and all kinds of patterned stockings

Even lace top and Fully Fashioned stockings, which are beautiful, but keep it simple to start with and you won’t go far wrong.

Another little tip how to get 3 pairs of stockings from 2?

Always buy 2 pairs of stockings same style and colour.

Because when you get one snag you still have 3 legs.

When you get another snag you still have 2 legs so you get 3 pairs for the price of 2.

I wish you many happy hours of wearing and indulging in this exciting stocking and suspenders wearing world.

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